Stair Handrails & Open Mesh Flooring

‘Stairs are a flight of steps leading from one level to another’ ‘Handrails are a structure made of bars and supports that form a barrier or guard’ ‘Mesh flooring is an openwork flooring in a net or network’

Stairs and handrails have a long and proud history within Simmers Contracts Ltd. We have supplied and fitted many differing designs and styles of access stairs and handrails along with open mesh flooring.

In today’s modern facilities, we are often asked to manufacture the steel/metal components of feature staircases, which we deliver to a high degree of detail, meeting architect requirements.


Our range of Products include:

  • Access Stairs
  • Fire Escape
  • External Stair Towers
  • Access Ladders with enclosure hoops
  • Walkways & Gantry’s
  • Plant Flooring Decks
  • Lionweld Kennedy Open Mesh Flooring
  • GRP Open Flooring
  • Mild Steel & Aluminium 5 Bar Chequer Plate
  • Mild Steel Balustrade
  • Stainless Steel Balustrade
  • Glass In-Filled Balustrade