Estimating & Building Surveying

‘Estimating is an approximate calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something’ ‘Surveying is the setting out on the ground of the positions of proposed construction or engineering works’

Our estimating process is pivotal to our continued success.

  • Symon Simmers remains the first point of contact to our many prospective clients.
  • Symon’s years of experience dealing with clients from all walks of life have given him a good understanding of how to define a client’s needs and provide appropriate advice on how to achieve the best outcome based on their requirements, backed up by a wealth of experience within the structural steel industry


We offer comprehensive building surveying and estimating services, to provide our clients with accurate estimations on an extensive variety of steel constructions. Firstly, we ensure that we fully understand our client’s needs and help them to manage their expectations, when it comes to both estimation and building surveying.

With numerous building surveying and estimating behind us, provided for a wide range of clients across both the private and public sectors, Simmers Contracts can confidently help you achieve your desire outcome. Our highly skilled team come with a wealth of experience, having completed several projects efficiently and professionally. That’s because we understand just how important the building surveying and estimating process are in any type of steel construction project.