What We Do

Shown below are some of the key services Simmers Contracts Ltd can offer you.

  • Steel Fabrication, erection and cladding of portal frame structures of all sizes.
  • Variety of modular steel structures for use as test cell modules, student accommodation, hotels and schools.
  • A comprehensive range of mild steel, stainless steel and other metalwork services such as stairs, handrails and balustrades, finished to high architectural specifications and features.
  • Provision of aluminum gutters and flashings - Simmers Contracts Ltd have the capacity and equipment to enable us to undertake a cutting and bending service for all.

Our blacksmith heritage from the origins of W R Simmers Ltd over 60 years ago remains at the core of our work ethic and we are always keen to explore new concepts, challenges and requirements to meet the demands of today and the future. Whatever you want to achieve, Simmers Contracts Ltd will aim to deliver.

Our Services

  • Fabrication


    Fabrication consists of building metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. It is a value added process that involves the construction of structures from various raw materials.

  • Erection


    Erection is the process of assembling fabricated components on site and involves positioning, aligning and securing the components on prepared foundations to form a complete frame.

  • Cladding


    Cladding is the process of protecting one metal by bonding a second metal to its surface and creating a protective or insulating layer to the outside of a building.ls.

  • Stairs, Handrails & Open Mesh Flooring

    Stairs, Handrails & Open Mesh Flooring

    Stairs and handrails have a long and proud history within Simmers Contracts Ltd. We have supply and fit many differing designs and styles of access...

  • Asbestos


    Asbestos removal work is a significantly hazardous job as it involves the removal of higher risk asbestos-containing materials.

  • Metal Decking

    Metal Decking

    Thick metal boards or planks used as structure flooring, usually for long spans between joists or for heavy service.

  • Design


    Deciding upon the look and functionality of a building, by making a detailed drawing of it.

  • Estimating & Servicing

    Estimating & Servicing

    Estimating is an approximate calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.
    Surveying is the setting out on the ground of the positions of proposed construction or engineering works.