Building Design

‘Deciding upon the look and functionality of a building, by making a detailed drawing of it’
  • We can provide an in-house design capability for design through our skilled draughtsman to create 3D modelling via a Stru Cad/Tekla system
  • This creates the majority of the information required to produce any steel structure, delivering a material list for purchasing and detailed information for transferring to the CNC machines for cutting and drilling supplies
  • These are detailed in component/fabrication drawings for manufacture and also general arrangement drawings for our erection squads on site.
  • These are produced in conjunction with the contract architect and engineer and subsequently approved in writing prior to ordering or manufacturing.


As Simmers Contracts provides a comprehensive in-house building design service, our close-knit team of highly experienced and skilled draughtsmen work closely with the contract architect and engineers. As a result, our building design service process runs extremely smoothly, allowing us to produce high quality work that is both cost and time efficient.

After the completion of the Stru CAD/Tekla drawing stage of our building design service, we now have all the information required to begin building the steel structure. A material list for purchasing is generated and in-depth data is produced with instruction for cutting and drilling of the materials on CNC machines.   

With such a fluid team of adept specialists working together to provide the very best building design services in Scotland, Simmers Contracts has been able to deliver an exceptional service time and time again.