Our expert cladding team can deliver a range of specialist cladding and build-up solutions
Vast experience of installing a wide range of roof and wall cladding materials and built up systems for new builds, exterIOr refurbishment and over-clads

Over the years we have demonstrated our proficiency in the use of a varied range of cladding materials and build-up systems, including undertaking steel cladding contracts across Aberdeen, Inverness and Scotland. We have clad a range of projects including everything from a 9m² domestic garage to a 20,000m² warehouse complex and everything in between. As well as new builds we execute over cladding on existing buildings, eliminating any loss of production time for clients.

Steel cladding is essentially the process of protecting one metal by bonding a second metal, which in turn creates a protective and insulating layer on the exterior walls of a building. As specialists in steel fabrication and erection, we can also provide highly professional steel cladding.

our process

When contracting with us our first step is planning. Our draughtsman will produce a set of CAD working drawings and layouts, which are normally produced in conjunction with the contract architect/engineer. This process has the advantage of highlighting any potential issues that may exist and gives us the opportunity to resolve any discrepancies. This ensures that once on site, materials, details and specifications are complied with.

We produce all our finishing flashings in-house with the use of CNC Guillotine and Folding Machines. We hold in stock a wide range of flashing materials that enable us to turn around flashings to order within hours. Holding stock also allows us to site size flashings throughout projects, enabling us to produce a higher standard of finish and reduces waiting time for both ourselves, and our clients.


choosing the right cladding

Single Skin Metal Panels

Pre-formed metal wall panels are a common choice of external finish for industrial and commercial buildings due to the combination of economy, service and design benefits they provide.  Easy to install in all weathers and with a minimum of 20-30 years durability and low maintenance ensures their popularity continues.

Insulated Composite Panels

Composite Cladding Panels are insulated steel cladding which consists of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation; they may be used to form roofs, down to a 4 degree pitch, and walls.

One of the most popular cladding options on the market; our team has a great deal of experience in fitting and finishing this exceptionally efficient solution. Their aesthetic flexibility and emphasis on fire safety bring a great deal of prestige to any project.

Traditional Built-up System (Liner, Spacer Bars, Insulation & Top Sheet)

The traditional built up roof system continues to retain some popularity and is sometimes chosen by designers as an alternative to composite panels.  A built up system is installed in a similar way to the composite system using a liner sheet base, insulating core and aluminium or coated steel top sheets to finish.  The benefit of this system is that it allows clients to specify individual components that specifically suit their needs.

Standing Seam/Curved Roofing Systems

This type of roofing provides a contemporary option for industrial and commercial buildings due to its aesthetically pleasing profile.  This is a seamless alternative to the traditional pitched roof and is installed and fixed in a similar way to the built up roofing system.  The roof sheets are held together using a series of bars and support brackets that creates an impermeable membrane that is considered leak and corrosion proof.

Unlike composite panelling and built up systems the standing seam, or curved roof, uses continuous lengths of sheeting which are craned in at roof level to create an unbroken finish that is free from lapping in between sheets.

Rainscreen Systems

A rainscreen façade is a cladding applied either during primary construction or as an over cladding to an existing structure. Rainscreen cladding consists of an outer weather-resistant decorative skin fixed to an underlying structure by means of a supporting grid, which maintains a ventilated and drained cavity between the façade and the structure.

Precast Concrete Panels

Pre-cast concrete panels allow clients to quickly and simply construct walls to meet their requirements. They can be installed horizontally between steel columns or alternatively be used vertically by being cast into a concrete foundation slab.

Façade Replacement

Replacement of a building’s façade can range in complexity. We have experience in fitting a wide variety of different surfaces and materials, both in the removal and replacement of an original façade and in the over cladding of an existing material. Replacing a façade is a good way to update your structures identity or replace materials that no longer meet requirement.