Steel Fabrication in Modern Factory Developments

May 10, 2017

At Simmers Contracts Ltd, we are specialists in Steel Fabrication with over 60 years’ worth of experience under our belts.

We create steel structures and components from raw materials in a process known as fabrication.

Our fully equipped workshop, located between Aberdeen and Inverness, allows us to cut, bend and assemble the structure offsite to your project’s exact requirements.

Steel fabrication has greatly benefited the construction industry and in this post, we are going to be exploring some of the reasons why.

1. Speed of build

Steel structures can be rapidly erected. This is due to the predictability and accuracy of steel components. The sooner the structure is up, the sooner follow on trades can get to work and the sooner the build is complete.

2. Flexibility

The dominance of steel in the commercial sector is based on tangible client-related benefits including the ability to provide column-free spans, efficient circulation space, integration of building services, and the influence of the site and local access conditions on the construction process. When it comes to inner city projects, speed of construction and minimum storage of materials on-site require a high level of pre-fabrication, which steel-framed systems can provide.

3. Durable

As a material, steel is incredibly durable and long lasting. This makes it the ideal material to use in construction. Unlike concrete, steel requires little in the way of maintenance, which reduces the structure’s whole-life costs.

4. Low cost

Using steel frames can be significantly less expensive than most other structures.  Couple that with low maintenance and whole life costs and you’re saving more in the long run as well.

5. Health and Safety

There are many health and safety benefits to steel fabrication – the fact that it is manufactured off-site under highly regulated and safe factory conditions and then erected by skilled specialists are among the top advantages.