Multi Decking Flooring Systems and Fire Safety

May 10, 2017

At Simmers Contracts Ltd, our team can supply and fit multi decking floor systems.

Multi decking floor systems are thick profiled metal boards or planks which are used for structure flooring by topping with concrete. This kind of flooring offers excellent fire protection as the deck maintains integrity and insulation, acting as a diaphragm which that prevents the passage of flames and hot gases.

Usually, there is mesh included in the concrete mix to control cracking.

Metal decking is subjected to intense assessments, and the minimum thickness of concrete that is required to satisfy the insulation requirements varies depending on the period of fire resistance and concrete type.

At Simmers, we use high-performance, profiled and galvanised floor decking from Structural Metal Deck Limited. This steel deck can be shot fired or stud welded to support steelwork to suit required specifications.

Simmers Contracts Ltd have years of experience in supplying and fitting composite metal decking systems, so get in touch to find out more about this service.