8 Tips for Choosing A Structural Steel Fabricator

April 15, 2019

Picking the right steel fabricator for your contract can be a daunting task but it’s important to remember that not just any fabricator will meet your requirements. Whether you prioritise cost, quality or speed of delivery, here are a few factors to remember to make choosing a little easier.


This is always paramount to delivering all the other requirements. A team with more experience can deliver some of the most competitive pricing, highest quality work or efficient logistics. Factors to take into consideration include how long the company has been around and previously delivered contracts. We’ve been on the go for 60 years and delivered contracts across the UK for some pretty big names including Glenlivet, Aker Solutions and Hilton Hotel Group.


The quality of previous work speaks for itself. If you’re choosing a fabricator take a look at their testimonials or ask them to provide some recent recommendations. The words of a satisfied customer can give you peace of mind.

This perfect testimonial from Jim Milne (Chairman, Managing Director) at Balmoral Group addresses a lot of different pain points for our potential clients.

“I have known Symon for several years and he is my first point of call for any structural steelwork or cladding projects. Symon and his squad teams’ experience, depth of knowledge and problem-solving skills ensure we always get a first-class service on each and every project they undertake for me.”

It reinforces that we meet complex specifications, give great service and provide experience and knowledge to any job. This is the kind of testimonial that we are incredibly privileged to receive.

Other ways of assuring the quality of steel fabrication work include supplier case studies and checking certifications. The ISO 9001 for example shows our commitment to quality in all aspects of our craft.


Don’t get caught out with a supplier who can’t deliver. We are always up front about our delivery estimates but make sure they seem reasonable. If you’re asking for the impossible be wary of suppliers who say yes without blinking. Consistency and on-time delivery are paramount to your project’s completion. Make sure your supplier knows the deadlines and has spent the time to plan out production, transport and delivery.

Skilled Team

A business is only as good as the people it hires. Before you partner with a company make sure they have the right people and the right experience for the job. If a team isn’t large enough there is every possibility that they might fall behind. The more specialists they have, the more dedicated resource can be put your way. With around 40 full-time employees we are confident in delivering any project. Our highly-experienced fabricators and fitters work with our whole team to deliver the best product to our clients.


Another way to quickly include or exclude a supplier is to check their service area against your delivery requirements. If a supplier can’t deliver within your timeframe due to remote location issues, then it's an easy choice to make. Our location between Aberdeen and Inverness gives us the ideal location to perfectly service both areas. Superb transport connections and the recent addition of the AWPR have only increased our connection with the rest of the UK. We’ve delivered across the UK from the islands to the south of England.


Your project might require some complex fabrication. It’s important that you speak to your potential supplier about your specifications to make sure that they can fulfil your order. Without specialist equipment some projects are beyond a supplier’s means. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the tools themselves, leave that to us. Just let us know what you need, and we can work with you to provide solutions. Equipment such as our four 6.5 tonne Demag overhead cranes and our CNC Plasma Cutting Machine brings greater capacity and precision to our bespoke metal fabrication service.


As well as the right equipment you need to check with your supplier that they can facilitate and house the amount or size of steel you need. Our capacity ranges up to around 100 tonnes of steel every week. Our custom-built facility boasts about 37,000 sq ft so plenty of room for bespoke design.


This is often more of a factor than clients care to admit. Be upfront with your supplier about your project budgets and limitations. Most will be able to suggest solutions to suit budget limitations. We have vast experience in working with many different Clients to manage their budget expectations. Our Estimating Team will work closely with you and where possible will suggest potential alternative products / specification with a view to minimising the overall cost of the Project ..

If you still have questions about what we can offer visit our steel fabrication page or get in touch today.