3 Uses for Open Mesh in Modern Architecture

May 10, 2017

As one of Scotland’s leading steel fabricators, the team at Simmers Contracts Ltd have the skills, experience and track record of creating high-quality open mesh in a range of different designs which are used for a variety of different uses by our clients.

Open mesh is a material that is made using the openwork technique meaning it is designed to have holes or gaps.

However, modern architecture and design have created many new uses for this versatile product.

1. Flooring

This is by far the most popular use of the material in modern architecture. Open mesh flooring serves a vast range of applications. It is slip-resistant, extremely robust and capable of withstanding high traffic levels, which makes it an ideal material for industries or environments where the floor is likely to get wet, or there are large numbers of footfall. As such open mesh flooring is commonly used for elevated platforms, stairs, walkways, and fire escapes.  At Simmers Contracts Ltd we often work alongside plant and machinery installers fitting flooring within distilleries and other manufacturing facilities.  Open mesh flooring can be fitted and finished in a variety of formats that includes; paint/galvanized or GRP product to meet the needs of individual requirements.

2. Backing for shelves

It also makes a stylish backing for shelves and is not restricted for shelving within the industrial field. Open mesh shelvesare fantastic for sprucing up your interior design, whether at work or at home.  Whether you are looking for additional storage for stationery or someplace to put your towels, open mesh shelves will add a sense of sophistication to your home or workplace.

3. Industrial look for restaurants

With more and more restaurants offering a huge variety of choice, it is now more important than ever that they offer something different. So, why not design an edgy, industrial themed restaurant? Open Mesh is fantastic for creating an industrial look in city restaurants. Be it as flooring, or as a wall partition. You could even incorporate open mesh backed shelves into your restaurant!

Whether you are looking for more information, or wish to discuss your project, get in touch today and the Team at Simmers Contracts Ltd will be only too happy to help.